Monthly Archives: February 2012

Top Down Shooter Kit for Unity 3

The Top Down Shooter Kit contains all the C# scripts you need to create top down shooter games using Unity! Source code is clear, well commented, and full of best pratices learned from years of game and Unity development experience! Get Unity and the Top Down Shooter Kit, and start making games you want to play!

You can play a demo of the Top Down Shooter Kit onĀ Kongregate.

The Top Down Shooter Kit is available from:

The Unity Asset Store

AdvancedRagdoll for Unity 3

AdvancedRagdoll is a C# script that synchs standard Unity 3 ragdolls with animated meshes, allowing seamless transitions, both when creating a ragdoll from an animated mesh, and when blending from a ragdoll back to an animated mesh.

AdvancedRagdoll is available from:

The Unity Asset Store

You can see a demo video of the AdvancedRagdoll in action here.