Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ken Levine on NPR, “pixel painting” Unity, and the Unity 1-day Intensive

A couple of interesting items popped up on my radar this week that I thought were worth sharing.


First, Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games and the main creative mind behind “BioShock Infinite” gave a great interview on NPR’S “On Point”.  Highly recommended listening.

BioShock Infinite And The Future Of Gaming

Second, here’s a youtube video demonstrating “pixel painting” a Unity webplayer demo.  This video is a bit like a magician’s trick, in that not everything is as it seems, but nonetheless it’s a cool trick.

UnityIntensiveLogoFinally, I am presenting a 1-day Unity Intensive class, taking place on Sunday, April 14 in Vancouver at the very cool EXP Bar + Restaurant.  The day is essentially a crash course in 3D game development using C# and Unity.  For complete details, head over to the Eventbrite page.

That’s all, folks!