“A SHARED KISS”, my Short Screenplay Challenge 2013 Round #3 submission

As expected, I tapped out in the third round of NYCMidnight’s Short Screenplay Challenge 2013.  The Romance genre finished me.  Admittedly, my submission was pretty pedestrian.  Given more time, a better idea might have occurred, but of course that’s a big part of the 48 hour deadline.  Nonetheless, I thought I’d share my script, as a cautionary tale for those who follow.

Two people meet under sweet circumstances.

The genre, as mentioned, was Romance, the location was a candy store, and the object was a lock.

On kind of an ironic and bittersweet note, I was picturing a young Philip Seymour Hoffman as my leading man.  Zooey Deschanel was my leading lady.

It was great fun writing for this contest, and best of luck to those who are moving on!

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