“Side Stories: Short Fiction by Game Developers” now available!

SideStories coverI am very happy to announce the publication of “Side Stories: Short Fiction by Game Developers”.

“Side Stories” is an anthology of short fiction by friends and colleagues in the game industry.  I edited the book, as well as contributed a story.

For full details, visit sidestoriesanthology.com.

KIDZ being aired tonight on VCTC (Valemount/Kamloops local television)


My zombie short film “KIDZ” will be airing tonight on VCTV as part of the Horror Film Night short film series, starting at midnight, before “Night of the Living Dead” (1968).

VCTV airs locally in the Valemount/Kamloops area on channel 7, but can also be seen on Bell and Telus Satellite on Channel 653, call letters “VALE”.

Ken Levine on NPR, “pixel painting” Unity, and the Unity 1-day Intensive

A couple of interesting items popped up on my radar this week that I thought were worth sharing.


First, Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games and the main creative mind behind “BioShock Infinite” gave a great interview on NPR’S “On Point”.  Highly recommended listening.

BioShock Infinite And The Future Of Gaming

Second, here’s a youtube video demonstrating “pixel painting” a Unity webplayer demo.  This video is a bit like a magician’s trick, in that not everything is as it seems, but nonetheless it’s a cool trick.

UnityIntensiveLogoFinally, I am presenting a 1-day Unity Intensive class, taking place on Sunday, April 14 in Vancouver at the very cool EXP Bar + Restaurant.  The day is essentially a crash course in 3D game development using C# and Unity.  For complete details, head over to the Eventbrite page.

That’s all, folks!

7 TED Talks on the benefits of gaming

The TED blog has posted 7 talks on the benefits of playing video games.

In addition to the fairly well known improvements to spatial awareness and multitasking, one researcher found that these benefits were still measurable even 5 months later!

However, I do think asking the question “can’t you do something more productive than shooting zombies?” ignores the obvious — that games prepare us for the inevitable, looming zombie apocalypse.  Duh!

Some good TED talks… though none answer the most urgent question of our time: What is the biggest rock?

Unity 4 released!

The day after I finally get around to installing the beta, Unity 4 is released!

Among the new features I’ve been really looking forward to are DirectX 11 rendering, the Mecanim animation system, and Linux builds.

And, judging from the extensive release notes, there’s a ton of new optimizations, improvements, and fixes.

Unity continues its unstoppable ascendancy towards global domination!!!

aMaze – Maze Generator for Unity

aMaze is an easy to use maze generator for Unity, perfect for randomly generated levels, building interiors, or dungeons.


  • Fast generation of “perfect” mazes (i.e. mazes with no inaccessible areas, no circular paths, and no open areas, with one path between any two points in the maze).
  • A single, easy to configure script dropped on a GameObject.
  • Mazes are created from Unity prefabs, and supports random selection of prefabs for easy theming (i.e. tile sets) and variation (within a theme/tile set).
  • Prefabs can be any size, and non-square.
  • Multiple mazes can be created within a single level/scene.
  • Mazes can be created/destroyed at run-time.
  • Mazes are statically batched after creation for efficient run-time rendering.

aMaze is available in the Unity Asset Store.

Below is a video tutorial showing how to use aMaze.